Interledger Solutions for Blockchains, Wallets, and Exchanges

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Watch to learn how the Kava Blockchain and the Interledger Protocol work together to create an open
payment system for cryptocurrencies.


Crosschain Transactions

Integrate your blockchain, wallet, or exchange with Interledger to enable users to make seamless crosschain transactions.


On Demand Liquidity

Use the decentralized liquidity pools on the Interledger network to support crosschain transactions and fill order books.


Enhance Reach and Access

Gain access to new users and blockchain services for your application or blockchain with Interledger.

Who's Interledger For?


Blockchain Networks

Kava integrates blockchain networks into interledger enabling new users to access the blockchain network and services.


Blockchain Wallet Providers

Kava's solution for wallet providers enables the wallet users to seamlessly swap assets and send crosschain payments.


Cryptocurrency Exchanges

Kava's solution for exchanges enables users to retain custody of assets while transacting with the exchanges orderbook.

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