Scott Stuart,

Cofounder, CEO

Scott is a serial entrepreneur who started his career as a professional poker player and then decided to bring his analytical mind to the business world. Prior to Kava, Scott founded the Adtech company AppEase (now acquired). Now as the CEO of Kava, Scott’s mission is to bring interoperability and scalability into the world of blockchains.

Brian Kerr

Cofounder, COO

Brian is a serial venture-backed entrepreneur from the gaming world. Prior to Kava, Brian was CEO and founder of the esports and gaming company, Fnatic Gear. He also serves as advisory to several other crypto projects including DMarket and Snowball. As co-founder and COO of Kava, Brian is responsible for heading Kava’s business operations and strategy.

Ruaridh O’Donnell

Cofounder, Head of Blockchain Development

Ruaridh is a mathematician and published researcher with a Masters in Physics. He led machine learning groups before working on data analysis and fraud detection systems with Scott Stuart. Ruaridh is most at home combining areas of deep research to create products with real world value. He currently leads the blockchain development efforts at Kava.

Kevin Davis

Lead Engineer

Kevin previously worked as an award-winning scientific researcher for the United States Department of Agriculture, where he published papers on invasive species distribution and risk modeling. He holds a Masters degree in Data Science, where he studied fault-tolerant consensus algorithms and distributed algorithms.

Kincaid O’Neil

Software Engineer

Kincaid is one of Kava's brightest engineers with a knack for writing great code. His work focuses on building integrations into Interledger and is responsible for many of the ongoing contributions that furthers the capabilities of ILP. Kincaid is largely responsible for the building the first Ethereum plug-in to Interledger enabling cross-chain transactions between ETH and XRP.

Rob Laverty

Software Engineer

Rob's a passionate coder with a github that leaves most in awe of his vast contributions overtime. Rob joined the Kava team after getting interested in Interledger. He now is responsible for much the build out of Switch, Kava's product for swapping assets using Interledger.


Sunny Aggarwal

Research Scientist at Cosmos/Tendermint

Sunny is a core developer of the Cosmos SDK and ecosystem. Sunny is also the cofounder and advisor to Blockchain at Berkeley. Lastly, he spends his free time as the co-host of Epicenter, an industry leading podcast covering the many facets of the blockchain industry.

Terry Chen

Managing Principal at Pivotal Labs

Terry Chen leads the recently software development consultancy, Pivotal Labs. Pivotal, which recently IPO'd is responsible for developing software applications for Fortune 500 clients including financial applications for some of the largest banks in the world. Terry manages the San Francisco office consisting of over 100 product developers and engineers. Prior to Pivotal Terry lead software development at NGMoco and Amazon.

Ekram Ahmed

Founder and Brand Strategist at EK Global

Ekram has an impeccable track record of clients that have successfully differentiated and gained market share including Facebook, 23andMe, and FundingCircle. He is working with the Kava team to do the same, helping Kava carve out its niche category as the world's first Interledger solutions provider enabling interoperability of blockchains, wallets, and exchanges.